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Faux Wood Blinds from Marqi Blinds Window Fashions offer long-lasting durability and a clean, uncluttered appearance.

Marqi Blinds Windows classic Faux Wood Blinds are easy to clean, will not warp in high-humidity areas, and are well-suited for any room in your home, especially bathrooms and kitchens with their moisture resistant PVC slats.

Room Darkening Properties

From a little light to a lot!

The Room Darkening properties of these blinds when fully closed make them a great choice for nurseries, media rooms and even bedrooms when you want to sleep in.

    Designed For Your Lifestyle.

    • Standard Features

      2.5 in. Valance With Returns
    • Standard Features

      2 in. Slats

      Optional Cordless Operation.

      Certified Best For Kids*

      With no dangling lift cords, the cordless version of these blinds is “Certified; Best for Kids” and is the recommended window covering operating system for homes with children and pets. To raise the blind, gently push-up or softly pull down from the center of the bottom rail until the blind reaches the desired position.

      *Only Cordless versions are “Certified Child Safe”.
      Corded control blinds feature break-apart lift cord keeper to help prevent dangerous lift cord loops from occurring.

      Wanded or Corded Tilt Control

      For Easy Light Control.

      Open or close the slats to control the amount of light entering the room with the turn of the wand or the pull of a string. Open the slats a little to softly filter light entering the room or for minimal light and maximum privacy, rotate the slats all the way downward until they are fully closed.

      • Optional Wanded Tilt Control

      • Optional Corded Tilt Control

      • Optional Cordless Lift Operation

      • Optional Corded Lift Operation

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